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our mission

Building a culture of inclusive mountain biking, sustainable trail networks and community.

who we are

The Nakusp and Area Bike Society is Nakusp’s official mountain bike advocacy group. We actively work with public and private landowners to advocate for trail access to develop and maintain trails for non-motorized use.

We’re also involved with local tourism initiatives to sustainably promote mountain bike tourism in the region.

board of directors

The NABS Board of Directors are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors consists volunteer NABS members who represent the community and work hard to keep things together throughout the year. The Board of Directors provides strategic leadership to ensure that the organization achieves the mission of the member community.

Executive Board Positions

President: Mike Riediger

Vice President: Brian Adair

Treasurer: Jonathan Kao 

Secretary: Gary Wanstall

Specialty Directors


Merchandise: Christa Rebman

Directors at Large

Bud Adair

Corran Hockey

Shon Neufeld

Nikolai Sampson

Youth Director

Broady Wanstall


Project Manager: Adam Balls

Trail Manager: Alex Marshall 

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